About Us

At Amazonas Gifts we pride ourselves in having a variety of original, unique and unusual designs in our collections. Items you will not find on the High Street.

Worn by those who want to make a fashion statement or to add some bohemian chic to their wardrobe.

Company History

Amazonas Gifts was founded in the summer of 2007 by Patricia Coll-Romero and Bradley Spencer.

After meeting in India 5 years earlier, both fuelled with the passion of travel, fun and adventure, set off on a world journey to far away places.

Having been Inspired by the beautiful handy work of the local crafts people we met in the different countries visited, we decided on setting up our own business bringing these splendid handicrafts back to the UK, whilst giving the crafts people a much needed source of income.

Soon after our return to the UK, Patricia added her own stylish hand made jewellery to our collection.

We now bring to you, unique items that you will not find on the high street. There is something here for everyone. As well as our on line business we also trade at various festivals and markets throughout the year ending at the world famous 'Manchester Christmas Markets'.

We are proud members of the Fair Trade organisation 'BAFTS', the Federation of Small Business' 'FSB' and the 'National Market Traders Federation 'NMTF'